Changing Scenes

January 26th

First some updates. Lhuntrul Rinpoche has returned to the empowerments. His recovery from the chicken pox took the usual two weeks. I’d hoped that the initial estimates had been right, and I am sorry for not letting you know sooner. Khandro Tseyang was also ill for a few days last week due to a food allergy. Everyone is happy to see them back on the dais. The space beside throne has resumed its usual shoulder-bumping bustle. The reading transmissions will begin again in a few days.

Carlo Tomassi and Ursula Von Vacano’s website is Their work with the shadow play is an amazing story. The website is in French and it will give a good sense of their theater company and all of their work. It includes seven minutes of video. The production of the Buddha’s life will be presented here again in the local Indian dialect. I really think this is one of the most wonderful, modern yet ancient presentations of dharma I’ve seen in a while. It has already been presented in France and Cambodia, and I hope that it can be brought to many other places. [The photos in this blog entry were taken my Ursula.]

We ended a little early today by finishing the Vajrapani section. Often we’ll set foot in a new section before closing for the day, but it seems the Amrita section, the fourth logos, has five interconnected empowerments at the start. Advanced reports tell us that the shine is being totally rearranged for this logos. I must add that Patricia has had a four day streak of catching empowerments that the monastery missed when they prepared their Tibetan list. While this may sound impressive, one has to note that His Eminence is the one who has to proceed page by page through the text. He is still finding a hidden section here and there that everyone else, but the chopons have missed.

Each day we continue to notice the signs of the end of “winter”. Cold showers seem less of a hassle than a month ago, the cold stone floors have become soothing to walk on barefoot, even late at night. More people seem to be wearing hats or draping shawls on their heads even during the short walk to the monastery. I rest my mind with the fact that there is more than a month to go and it is still January.

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