Friday From Where I Sit

Here is a photo of the shrine room from my seat on Friday. As you can see, His Eminence is reading aloud a section of the text. I think it was the history of a particular transmission. This comes at the start of every abhisheka. To his right you can see Jigme Rinpoche. Behind Jigme Rinpoche are many members of the Ripa family.

To His Eminence’s right one can see Lhuntrul Rinpoche and his sister, Khandro Tseyang. Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche is unfortunately behind the column, but you can see the back of his low seat. You can also see the some of the implements the choppons are using. They are tied to the column: white scarves used to carry implements back and forth from the shrine and the dignified yellow hat worn by an ordained choppon when wafting incense. The red curtains can be pulled along strings to conceal or reveal the shrine mandala during the ceremonies.

In front of the column you can see a standing black Bose speaker. The sound system here is incredibly good and especially intense if Namkha Drimed Rinpoche is playing a bell next to the dual microphone set-up. Those of you from Halifax may recognize the hair of Anky Aarts on the bottom left.

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