Dear Readers, Rinchen Terdzo Blog Continues

March 6th

The Rinchen Terdzo blog is about to take a one-week break. This is in order to travel and also because I too got some sort of illness right after the concluding ceremonies. It was probably due to the heat rather than a virus. It’s been about 104 degrees, around 40 Celsius, in some parts of the region.

Although we concluded the Rinchen Terdzo, there is still a lot more to tell you about. When we pick up again you can expect:

Many photos from the final day of empowerments.
Written descriptions of the final days here
Thanks and acknowledgements for the many people who made the blog possible
An article on the how the Shambhala Terma fits in with the Rinchen Terdzo
Reflections on being here for three months
And a few surprises

The final pages of the blog will be announced on the Shambhala News Service. If you do not subscribe to this, but would like a message letting you know the new posts and pictures are up, please email me at:

Thank you all for your patience with the gaps. It’s been a pleasure to be here and sharing what I can of this experience with you.

All the best,

Walker Blaine

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