Coming to the Conclusion

March 3rd 2009

Tomorrow the Rinchen Terdzo in Orissa will conclude with the enthronement of the Sakyong as a lineage holder of this transmission of the Rinchen Terdzo according to the text, The Blazing Jewel of Sovereignty, (a terma of Rigdzin Demtruchan, the text used in the empowerment for the enthronement of a Sakyong in the Shambhala community), an empowerment from the renowned 18 volume terma Lama Gongdu discovered by Sangye Lingpa, and the a long life empowerment from a terma discovered by Ratna Lingpa. This final empowerment will also be the practice final feast gathering at the Rinchen Terdzo.

During the final event the Sakyong and Sakyong Wangmo will make formal offerings to His Eminence Namkha Drimed Rinpoche. These offerings will be from themselves as the major sponsors of the event and also from the Shambhala community. During a meeting with the Sakyong this afternoon I noticed carved, gold leafed figures of many offerings usually visualized during thanksgiving ceremonies like the ones ahead. At seven tomorrow morning there is a meeting for the Shambhala sangha to organize something, I think the presentation of these offerings at some point tomorrow. We are beginning our day as 7:30 or 8:00 after an early breakfast. Lunch for the 1100 people coming to the final blessing will be a grand affair, a feast in the shrine room and under three large pavilions in the courtyard.

I am sorry that I was unable to present reports about the dzogchen section of the empowerments. This was due to the misfortune of Patricia Kirigin (who’s been preparing bilingual lists of the empowerments for the Sakyong and the western sangha) being hit with a serious stomach virus. The illness put her in the clinic for three nights; I accompanied her as boyfriend, watchdog and general helper. It was very sad for us both to miss some of the climactic higher teachings in the Rinchen Terdzo. However, the sudden obstacle also made us appreciate our good fortune in being here a great deal. Patricia is well on the road to recovery, and it is nice to be back in the guesthouse among friends and eating chapattis.

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