Losar Day Three

February 27th 2009

Patricia Kirigin Chatting with Kaling's FamilyToday was the third day of Losar. Many of the western students spent the day at the family residence of Kaling, the Sakyong Wangmo’s close friend and kusung. The western students performed the long lhasang ceremony omplete with drum and cymbals while Kaling’s extended family stood in a circle with us. The occasion was the cleansing and purification of a new house on the family plot. After we walked through every room chanting the warriors cry and wafting juniper smoke, we retired to the front porch of the still-under-construction house for a curry lunch and lots of chang.

The empowerments are resuming a day early, tomorrow. This news came as a delight to most everyone, particularly the people who’ve been here from the start. It’s been a bit strange to suddenly stop everything. There are rumors that the empowerments will go a day longer than expected, so we may conclude on the 5th rather than the 4th of March. In the west, such shifty schedules would be a great source of frustration, and it has been sad that several people have had to leave because of travel plans that didn’t anticipate going past Losar. However, the overall attitude, even for those departing, has been one of joy that His Eminence is teaching and that the lineage of this marvelous treasury of termas is being continued.

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