Letter from the Sakyong Wangmo

04 Feb 2009 - Letter from the Sakyong Wangmo

Dear Subjects of Shambhala, 

Even though I am far away from many of you, you are in my heart. I am constantly thinking of you all and wondering how you are doing.

My husband, the Sakyong, jokes that this is the marathon of abhishekas, and having entered the dakini section, in the third month of the Rinchen Terdzo Empowerment, completing about five hundred abhishekas, I am beginning to agree with him. 

The days are passed essentially in group retreat, much like the dathuns in Shambhala. Every day is basically the same, and every evening, with a large gathering of lamas, monastics, and lay people, we all do aspiration prayers dedicated to all sentient beings. 

Here in Orissa, we have both the monastic community of monks and nuns, and the lay people attending from the five main Tibetan refugee camps as well as from all over India and the Himalayan region. There are also many adventurous students from Shambhala and Ripa (students of my brother, Jigme Rinpoche, from Europe and the U.S.) It is amazing to see these different cultures gathering together under one mandala, devotedly receiving the abhishekas. This reminds me of what the Buddha said, about how the dharma would gather together all races and all cultures.

I am very moved by how my father, His Eminence, Terton Namkha Drimed Rinpoche is taking such care in passing the lineage on to the Sakyong. And I am delighted that there have been fundraising parties and gatherings to support this. For those of you who could not be here, this is a wonderful way to contribute and participate from afar in the Rinchen Terdzo empowerments. I hope that in the future, many of you will be able to come and visit the monastery and see the surrounding community.

I cannot express how meaningful the Rinchen Terdzo is for our community. Many local people see His Eminence putting so much time and effort into this, and they have told me — especially some of the older ones who escaped from Tibet — how fortunate they feel that such a major teaching is taking place. The community members often thank me, saying how grateful they are that the Sakyong requested and is sponsoring this historic event. Everyone is benefiting tremendously whether near or far, and to think, all this is happening because of our marriage! How amazing! 

Ki Ki So So! 

Yours in the vision of the Great Eastern Sun, 

The Sakyong Wangmo, Dechen Choying Sangmo 


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